Vol 18, No 2 (2015) • Special issue on Qualitative and Quantitative Research in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy: part 1

Published: 2015-12-23

Guest editors: Claudia Milena Capella and Adriana Lis.

Storied images of psychotherapeutic change: approaching children's voices through drawings

Claudia Capella, Loreto Rodrìguez, Daniela Aguila, Denise Dussert, Ximena Lama, Carolina Gutierrez, Gretchen Beiza

Institutionalized adolescents in therapy: narratives of psychotherapy and healing from sexual abuse

Gretchen Beiza, Claudia Capella, Denise Dussert, Loreto Rodrìguez, Daniela Aguila, Carolina Gutiérrez, Ximena Lama

Interaction structures in the psychodynamic therapy of a boy diagnosed with Asperger’s disorder: a single-case study

Vera Regina Rohnelt Ramires, Cibele Carvalho, Fernanda Munhoz Driemeier Schmidt, Guilherme Pacheco Fiorini, Geoff Goodman

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy and the pregnant therapist: a literature review

Fernanda Munhoz Driemeier Schmidt, Guilherme Pacheco Fiorini, Vera Regina Rohnelt Ramires